Lights, Camera, Action!

ACTION! is the keyword when talking about Mike Jones' career in the movies.

Mike Jones in Acton!

Stunt Acton

Final Take Over - Short Film - Directed by Mike Jones

WWE Super Bowl Commercial (w/ behind the scenes peek)

Mike Jones Filmography

2020 Chance (stunt coordinator)

2020 Clover (stunts)

2019 The True Adventures of Wolfboy (stunts / SFX)

2019 The Last Summer (stunt driver)

2018 Bashira (assistant SFX coordinator)

2017 Clover (assistant SFX coordinator)

2014 Indianapolis (assistant SFX coordinator)

2011 Master Race from Mars (stunts)

2011 TGIF (assistant rigger / SFX)

2010 The Take Over (stunt coordinator)

2010 The Cursed (assistant stunt coordinator)

2009 Nora Falls (stunt coordinator)

2009 A New Day (stunts)

2008 Say Goodnight (stunt coordinator)

2007 Unspeakable (stunt coordinator)

2005 Circle Track Summer (stunt coordinator)

2005 Guys (stunt coordinator)

2003 What's Eating You? (stunt coordinator)

2002 Turn of Faith (stunts)

2001 (stunt coordinator)

2001 Black Knight (stunts)

2001 Proximity (stunts)

2001 Blazin' (stunt coordinator)

2001 Domestic Disturbance (actor)

2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad (stunt coordinator) / (stunts)

1999 Terror Firmer (stunts)

1998 The Cutoff (stunt coordinator)

1998 Renegade Force (stunts)

1998 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (stunt player)

1997 Bloodmoon (stunt coordinator)

1996 Red on the Blue (stunt coordinator)

1996 Urban Legend (stunt coordinator)

1996 Skirts (actor)

1995 Superfights (stunt performer)

1995 Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (stunts)

The World Wars - TV documentary - 1 episode (stunt coordinator)

Facing Trauma -TV series - 2 episodes (stunts)

Me vs. Me - TV series - 1 episode (stunt driver)

1999 Super Bowl XXXIII - TV Special (stunt performer)

Fight Back - TV series - 12 episodes (fight coordinator)

In Self Defense - TV series - 8 episodes (fight coordinator)

On Track - TV series - 2 episodes (stunts)

Hollywood's Greatest Stunts - TV Special (stunt performer)

AMC Visionaries: History of the Martial Arts - TV Special (stunt instructor)

GMC Hummer EV w/ Lebron James Super Bowl LIV (stunt rider)

Progressive Insurance TV commercial (precision driving coordinator)

Ohio Tourism Bureau (stunts)

Ohio Votes (stunts)

Pizza Hut (stunts)

Campbells Soup (stunts)

Direct TV (stunts)

Michael’s (stunts)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (stunt driver)

Amp Live (stunts)