The Author

Mike Jones always has dreamt big. His first book, “I Should Be Dead,” tells the real-life stories that came with some of his dreams. Growing up in the rough-and-tough environs of the inner-city, Mike learned to fight to survive. Street fights led to dreams of becoming a Martial Arts expert. Mike not only became a Black Belt in three different styles but also to owning a studio and training everyone from young children to police departments around the country.

It was his expertise in the Martial Arts that led to the dream of becoming a Hollywood stuntman. Today, after thirty years and more than eighty film, television, and commercial appearances to his credit, Mike’s head is filled with enough wild and action-packed stories from the sets of Hollywood to fill another book! (CLICK HERE to learn more about his career in the movies.)

Mike’s thrilling stories from his years of being a police officer more than fulfill the dream that started by watching TV cop shows in the 1970s like “The Streets of San Francisco.” Even though his youth was peppered with tales of running from the law, nothing can tarnish the years he spent “protecting and serving” several communities throughout his life. With his ability to retell his adventures, you can picture yourself standing next to him and ducking as the bullets fly by.

But no dream or accomplishment could have prepared him for the unimaginable tragedy he experienced later in life. As his story unfolds, you will find yourself wiping away a tear as he shares the story that led him to a deeper sense of Faith and a stronger relationship with God.

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